The Ave Maria

Here you will be able to listen to the Ave Maria, wherever you are and whenever you want. We have collected the most varied versions of this very beautifull prayer converted to a song that fill us with peace.


Version of The Ave Maria

Wherever you are, in any time of the day you can hear here the Ave Maria. We have gathered the most varied versions of this beautiful prayer that, turned into song, it fills us with peace.

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The AVE Maria is a beautiful song that is timeless.

Samantha Greene

Criminal Attorney

Sevens Legal, APC A certifeid criminal defense specialist in San Diego

The Ave Maria is my favorite song.

Matt Resnik

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Resnik Hayes Moradi LLP Certified Bankruptcy Specialist by the State Bar of California

I have listened to the Ave maria for years and it never gets old!

Jeff Wall

Divorce Lawyer A family law attorney in Southern California. 3 Best Rated

I am absolutely speachless each time after i hear the ave maria.

Daniel Perlman

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman Beast Criminal Attorney in Los Angeles, County California

My favorite time of day to listen to the Ave Maria is in the morning.

Steve Smith

Divorce Attorneys

619 Divorce A Family law attorney in San Diego, CA.  We can Help with Your Divorce

The ave maria goes well with my cup of coffee each morning.

Daniel Gibalevich

Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyer 

DAG Law Firm Best Slip and Fall Attorney Los Angeles, California

I love listening to the Ave Maria with my Friends and Family.

Matthew SpringMeyer

Immigration Lawyer

Superior Immigration Lawyers An Immigration Lawyer in San Diego County, California

The ave maria is a song that you can listen to on repeat.

Daniel Gibalevich

DUI Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles A top rated criminal law firm in Los Angeles, County

The Ave Maria is my mothers favorite song. I have such fond memories of it.

Alexander Fuqua

San Diego DUI Lawyers

Sevens Legal, APC Best DUI Defense Attorney in San Diego, County

I love all of the different versions of the ave maria.

Pat Ford


Pat Ford Appeals Best Appellate Lawyer in Calfiornia. Call pat today.

I love listening to the ave maria before church each Sunday.

Ben Wright

Phoenix Bankruptcy

Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

The Ave Maria is my family’s favorite song to listen together.

Daniel Perlman

Los Angeles Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Federal Criminal Defense Pro

Best Federal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

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